Start With A Bang!



The hot season's just started and life has been heating up musically as well. I've been busy working with the band and though this is no excuse for neglecting my website, things have been moving along nicely.


For those who don't follow me on Facebook, we just had our first big triumph! With this new formation, my band performed our first live gig at the Kenako Festival in Berlin last Wednesday.

I was told not too expect to much as it was supposedly a difficult crowd, but we smashed it! The place filled up and people were dancing - even folks from the office buildings nearby came to find out what music that was!!


I am so grateful for the confirmation that this is the right path I am on. The only regret I have is that my album isn't ready and we had to console some of the new fans to wait a bit longer.

To all of you reading this, please bear with me a little longer as well. I am focussed on releasing the album this autumn!


In the meantime, the band & I will be performing various gigs and another festival. I will keep you all posted.


Until then,





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My Musical Odyssey

Hi Guys,


To all of you waiting for my debut album, it is in the works! Please bear with me. I am quite excited to find myself on a new path from the one I started out with! This is why...


Crowdfunding is a wonderful thang. I recommend this to anyone who gets stuck on the funding part of the business. I overcame my discomfort, did a video and got loads of people to support my dream! It was time to go record some music!!

Well, the producer and studio I had supposedly enlisted for this, suddenly backed out and the band kinda dispersed. I get it. We are all somehow part of the paper chase.

Nonetheless, I AM STILL STANDING!!! I contacted a few friends and now find myself in beautiful Italy working with a cool female producer and putting together a new band. So much fun! I can't wait to share the results with you!


Until then, have a great Christmas break!


Thank you for your patience and the love!





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